The second form of housing available in the game is the yurt-style lodges provided by the APS. These are round, semi-permanent, modular huts, and are appointed with a kitchen and bathroom.


The main yurts are 30' in diameter and can be constructed in only a few hours. The modular additions are between 6' and 10' across, and can be constructed in an hour. Yurts are connected to the main water, power and sewage lines.

Each resident over the age of eighteen must pay 10 silver a month for a one room yurt, or 5 silver per person if they opt to share space in the larger yurts. A single resident may only have a one-building structure. Just because you can afford to have more than one building does not mean that it is allowed.

Modular structures can be added to the main structures, if more characters wish to live together. However, no main structure can have more than four additional 10' rooms.