Kaywinnet Lee 'Kaylee' Frye
Arrival date: May (2013)
Age: 25

Birthdate: 02/14/2497

OOC Information
Canon: Firefly
Journal: Meimei Mechanic
Player: Emma
Contact: PM
New Dodge At A Glance
Significant Other: Seamus Harper
Acquaintances: Allison Young , Charlotte Blaine, EMH
Apartment: 105

Occupation: Mechanic




Kaylee joined the crew of Serenity when Captain Malcolm Reynolds interrupted her and Bester in Serenity's engine room. At that time, Bester was Serenity's mechanic. However, when Bester wasn't that much of a genius mechanic as he'd been called previously, telling Mal that the ship could not be fixed. Kaylee quickly corrected him by diagnosing and repairing Serenity. Impressed with her mechanical ability, Mal immediately offered Kaylee the job of mechanic on board which she happily accepted.

Life in New DodgeEdit

During her time in New Dodge she quickly found her place working on the shuttles and other equipment around the docks. During that time she met Seamus Harper who she fell for quickly finding a common bond in their love of their starships they'd been crew for. It looked to be a blossoming romance between the couple until one morning she woke up to find him no longer there.

Currently Kaylee is still trying to work things our after Harper's sudden disappearance. To help her cope with him being gone she told people that he had to go back to Andromeda and he left without her even though she'd want to go with him, that it wasn't safe for her but he wanted to keep her safe. If that's what happened or not it isn't certain but that is her version of events. She is also planning to try out one of the schemes that she and Harper were discussing before where using the shuttles would try and smuggle items in and out.

Since he left she's become owner of a glow in the dark gerbil, moonshine still, a flexi of various information and some nanites. The latter of which she only has a basic understand of and knows they can be useful for the clinic.