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Boomtown is a Dreamwidth Panfandom roleplaying game set in an original universe on a remote frontier planet.  If you are a player of this game, please feel free to add to, edit, or tweak your pages to your heart's content.  If you need help, give a holler! 


A Message From The Achamarian Preservation SocietyEdit

We represent the Achamarian Preservation Society. You've never heard of us, but we have certainly heard of you. We've grown  quite interested in your case, as a matter of fact, and believe you have just the sort of qualities we're looking for.

We are expanding to the boundaries of explored space, studying the resilience and survival of other species and ap

plying this knowledge to our own society. New Dodge is one of the many operations we have in place to colonize habitable (or, as the case may be, semi-habitable) planets. We are recruiting those capable of withstanding the harsh elements and willing to shoulder the hardships which come with these unexplored, virgin worlds.

Whatever has happened to you, you can consider all of that in the past. If you are a criminal, no one needs to know. We have technology to make you well, to replace lost limbs, to restore sight, to invigorate and extend your life. You will be provided with employment and shelter. We can give you a fresh start.

You will be contractually obligated to remain at the settlement for six months, barring in

cidents and accidents beyond your (or our) control. After that, you will be free to extend your stay or to return home. Of course, if you decide to remain, you will be well compensated with land and a reasonable stipend until you find employment.

You won't be kidnapped or coerced. Consider this an invitation. You have an opportunity to do great work, to go down in history as one of the brave souls who first ventured out into the wilderness of a new frontier. A new life is just waiting for you!

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