Upon arrival, all characters are assigned a room in the barracks until such a time as they can afford their own accommodations. This is one of a few types of living arrangements available in the dome.

These rooms are equipped with a double bed, table and two chairs, toilet, mirror, sink, and wardrobe for clothing. There is a public bathhouse, and it is two buildings to the east.

On the first floor, there is a communal kitchen with two six-range gas stoves, an electric refrigerator, two industrial-size sinks, and a garbage chute. Utensils and cookware are also provided.

On the second floor, there is a common room with tables, chairs, books, an old Victrola and accompanying records, and several decks playing cards. There's also one game of Clue, but the candlestick is missing.

The barracks can accommodate forty people. When they fill up to capacity, residents will be asked to share rooms or rent space in a yurt.